Fundamentals of Yoga & Stress Relief Program

  • Can you touch your toes? Sitting with legs STRAIGHT? Standing with legs STRAIGHT? Choose the option that best describes where you are at. There is no right or wrong answer!
  • Can you rotate your arms in full circles with no pain or struggle? Can you rotate your hips, from table top position (on all fours with a flat back), in full circular motion?
  • If you can not rotate your arms or hips, note which side and the issue. ~ no judgement!
  • How would you rate your balance, 1-10?
  • How strong do you feel 1-10? Pick the option that relates most to you.
  • Do you have any other body concerns you would like us to be aware of? Or anything you would like to accomplish through this program? Please describe below:
  • Please rate your level of stress from 1 to 10. 1, being very low stress; and 10, being extremely high levels of stress.