COVID-19: Breakroom Fitness Commitment to Safety & Health

As we get green-lights from local and state government officials, we’ll notify clients and evaluate best practices in resuming exercise and wellness programs at corporate sites. Although each site is unique, we are committed to a healthy and safe transition. In alignment with corporate standards, we are dedicated to elevating and maintaining the cleanliness of […]

5 Benefits of Group Health Coaching

With work from home being the new normal, the benefits of group coaching are clear. Group health coaching provides an employee-centered focus on health education, results tracking, and participant accountability which creates sustainable lifestyle changes that carry your employees into the future. Employers benefit in two main ways when offering corporate health coaching programs: Staff […]

5 Ways to Create a Healthy Workplace Environment

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees. When people enjoy their jobs more, they are likely to engage thoroughly with their work as well as go above and beyond their day-to-day job to make your organization a better environment.   Here are 5 ways to create a healthy workplace environment: Promote wellness: encourage health and […]

15 Ways to Beat the Heat Naturally

We all look forward to summer – seriously what is there not to love?! Inevitably, we have a few heatwaves and this week happens to be one of them. We all need to find ways to cool down when the temp rises into the upper 90s and low 100s. Rather than blasting your AC, there […]

October Webinar Series: Prepare and Plan for your 2020 Employee Wellbeing Calendar

In this 4-part webinar series we will discuss the fundamentals of a dynamic employee wellness program. You will learn how to: Set a strategic plan for improving the wellbeing of your population. Measure what matters and build a program that delivers real ROI. Build engagement and build a culture around total wellbeing. Expand your focus […]

3 Desk Stretches for Better Posture

When you’ve been slouching at your desk for eight hours or more, your body inevitably suffers; tight hips and shoulders, a creaky neck and an aching back. Leaving the office for an actual workout may not be feasible, but with some light stretching, you can reduce discomfort, relieve stress, increase energy and clear your mind […]

15 tips for your sunday to own the week ahead

Are you familiar with the Sunday Scaries? You know that anxiety that sets in the night before you return to work or school because we feel so unprepared? Anxiety tends to paralyze us. We just stop dead in our tracks of getting anything remotely done because it just feels like there is so much to […]

How to use mindfulness to lose weight and create an exercise practice you love

Developing a mindfulness practice can help to change habits as it helps you to notice when you’re on autopilot. Rather than regretting the decision you made later, it helps you stay present in the moment so you can change your course of action leading to more intentional actions that you can feel good about. Essentially […]

5 Steps to Practicing Mindfulness

Ever drive to work and think to yourself “how did I get here” or eaten an entire bag of chips (ugh) or got to work and asked if you shut the garage door? That is your brain on autopilot. Becoming more mindful of your actions, thoughts and words allows you to break the cycle of […]

3 Steps to Turn a Smoothie into a Meal Replacement

Everyone has at least one meal they find difficult to fit into a busy day. Today we’re sharing our formula for creating a nutrient-dense smoothie that is a completely acceptable meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Step 1: Fruits and Veggies   I think most of us know that most of our plate […]