Our Story

Breakroom Fitness transpired from feelings of being burnt out, conflicted, angry, and discouraged in corporate America. All feelings that so many have accepted as a cultural, corporate norm. These emotions evoked a desire to do more, to be better and to help in creating healthy corporate environments where the norm is to inspire, impact and transform while getting the job done (meanwhile, doing the job even better than before!).

Our Philosophy

When a company invests into the wellness of their employees the trickle-down effect is monumental and freeing. When happy, healthy, less stressed individuals work for a company, research shows corporate wellness programs innately make these companies more productive. Employees want to come to work because they have more energy and have built a community, which in turn brings down absenteeism. Because of healthy habits being created, a sense of accomplishment and self-worth is established, which in-turn creates frees space in the individual mind to be more creative, confident and empowered in their work. All of this ultimately adds up to less time at the doctor’s office, lower healthcare costs, and an overall improved workplace culture.

Our Team

Breakroom Fitness is committed to hiring qualified, dynamic, fun and empathetic instructors across all fields of fitness. From yoga to bootcamp to nutrition, all instructors hold credentials in their practice and are CPR Certified. Many hold national accreditations, have their Masters in Dietetics or Nutrition, and degrees in Kinesiology.

Amber Rosen

Founder | Program Director

Amber is a former Marketing and Events Director and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Public Relations. She is an American Council for Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, with additional fitness credentials in POUND, Pilates and Spin.