What is the program?

This 6-Week Program is for beginner to intermediate yoga students. Throughout the program, you’ll practice the basic Asanas in Yoga – such as child’s pose. If you’re thinking you already know Child’s Pose, think again! You’ll learn alignment basics and modifications to help ease stiffness in the body with this simple pose. Each week we’ll review the previous week’s posture and add onto our routine as the body allows. Without forcing the body to twist and bend into difficult shapes, we’ll gently reboot back to our natural relaxed state.

What is included?

  • (6) Weekly Yoga Classes held via Zoom
  • Daily emails with pre-recorded yoga pose tutorials
  • Weekly audio meditation exercises
  • Weekly gratitude journal prompts
  • Check-ins via Apple or Android App to promote accountability
  • A start to finish balance, flexibility and stress level assessment
  • Weekly topic resources

Program Outline

  • Week 1: Mobility, Journaling, and Breathing Techniques
  • Week 2: Flexibility, Yoga Strap Work, and Awareness
  • Week 3: Sun Salutations, Meditation, and Gut Health
  • Week 4: Chair Pose, Rest and Sleep Patterns
  • Week 5: Crescent Lunge, Balance, and Grounding
  • Week 6: Warrior II, Lengthening

Learn more about Fundamentals of Yoga

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