Group Fitness Classes

Breakroom has a long list of group fitness offerings including, but not limited to: several formats of Yoga, Bootcamp, Spin, Pilates, Barre, Buti, POUND, Zumba, Hip-Hop, African Dance, HIIT, and Barbell. We create an ongoing, consistent schedule of classes for your employees based on survey results and place a team of qualified instructors on each account. In cases such as POUND or Spin, we provide all of the necessary equipment.

Fitness Challenges & Series

Challenges are a great way to create a buzz amongst employees and further promote ongoing group fitness classes. Incentivizing and creating healthy competition is fun and keeps employees engaged. Popular challenges include: the 12-Week Control and Commit, New-Year’s Fab and Fit, and our Summer Sizzle Challenge. In addition, programs such as a 5-week yoga series is a great way to pilot a potential group fitness class you are considering for the future.

Run/Walk Programs

Breakroom’s run/walk programs range from 8-14 weeks and are intended for all fitness levels. Whether you have an employee who is just starting out or an employee who is an avid runner, we have varied workouts based on physical levels. Typically, a running group will meet twice a week and training sessions include signing in, warming up, going for a walk/run, and a cool down. Each session is equipped with dumbbells, rollers, mats, stretch bands, and a qualified running coach. In many cases, the program ends with the company running/walking in a community 5k or 10k event.

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