Group Fitness Class/Event

Finding qualified group fitness instructors for a conference or event can be time-consuming and overwhelming for event planners. Breakroom Fitness can help to alleviate some of this stress. Our long list of group fitness offerings and certified instructors, allow us to position the right people with your event!

Hiking & Walking Tours

Conference attendees are typically traveling from afar and want to explore the conference city destination. With that, we cater destination hikes and walking tours (plus transportation to and from, if needed) according to the sights the client wishes to see. From urban walking tours, to steep peaks, to wooded forests and ocean fronts, our hikes are fun, educational “enough,” and a great form of exercise.

Group Led Stretches

Whether it be the stretch before the kick off of a half marathon or the stretch after a 2-hour speaker presentation at a conference, we offer it all. Sitting in a large room listening to speaker after speaker can get tiresome. We are an outside source and a fresh face that can energize your group pre, post or mid-game!

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