Team Building

Corporate charity team building events, such as our Build-a-Bike, have a profound impact on attendees at a conference. Breakroom Fitness specifically helps to create corporate philanthropy opportunities that make sense for your company with secondary business goals in mind. Team building allows employees to connect and bond with each other through fun, shared experiences that utilize various sets of skills, trust and communication.

Wellness Workshops

Health education offers long-term takeaways!  Workshops during business travel allow guests to learn and experience wellness options that they can incorporate into their daily lives. Breakroom Fitness incorporates nutrition programs into group classes focused on education in areas such as Stress Management, Mindful Eating, and Superfoods.

Employee Health Fairs & Employee Recognition

Breakroom Fitness plans, manages and executes employee health fairs and employee recognition events. From permitting, to sourcing vendors, to decor, to planning entertainment or implementing team building activities, we help companies create meaningful and memorable employee events.

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