What is the program?

In the 30-day Active Living Challenge, our team of credible trainers will help your employees create the foundation to establish a healthy lifestyle whether completed in a fun, competitive team challenge environment or individually. The program will expose employees to several different options in practicing overall wellness in a fun, approachable, supportive format.

What is included?

  • 1-2 daily exercise(s) to perform with video tutorial
  • Daily emails with activities promoting movement
  • Daily emails with positive affirmation and gratitude messages
  • A variety of workouts to expose employees to different forms of movement in hopes to help them discover what they love.
  • A start and finish progress assessment
  • Check-ins via IOS App or Android App to promote accountability and team challenges

Who are the trainers?

From an Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, to a Master Zumba Instructor, to Health and Wellness Professionals with backgrounds in nutrition, yoga, and wellness program development—Employees will meet each instructor throughout the program and see just why they are so incredible!

Learn more about the 30-day Active Living Challenge

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