4 Tactics to Improve Your Employee Appreciation Program

It pays to be good at employee recognition. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they report increased job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is tied to increased loyalty and engagement, lower turnover and higher overall productivity.

Many employers assume that if they have an employee appreciation program in place, all of their employees will automatically feel as though their contributions are appreciated; however, that is not always the case as employee recognition programs are not one-size-fits-all.

The best recognition tactics are beyond gift cards. So what can you do to ensure your employees feel respected and valued on a daily basis?

  1. Be detailed and specific. Don’t just say “thanks for all you do.” Being specific with why you’re appreciative allows for employees to go back to their achievement and sets an example for the types of behaviors that fuel recognition.
  2. Survey peers. Request examples from peers to get a more complete and accurate idea of an employee’s performance and influence in a company. Use these examples when providing detailed, specific reasons on why the employee is being recognized.
  3. Provide recognition in a timely manner. Offer your thanks as close as possible to what inspired your appreciation so that the employee knows you are paying attention and listening. Waiting months to appreciate an employee for something they did months ago is ineffective and may do more harm than good.
  4. Share and celebrate with others. By sharing moments of recognition with other employees, you will provide all employees with an example that they will want to copy. In addition, by making recognition visible throughout your organization, it will encourage team members to spread authentic recognition.