Need a Break?

Breakroom Fitness provides innovative and impactful corporate wellness services to companies that are truly committed to investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees and teams.

Fitness is Freedom

Companies that promote fitness of the body, mind and soul have happier and healthier employees. It is a community that is built on self growth; which in turn means employees come to work with a greater sense of purpose; they experience heighten productivity; a desire to actually be at work, which equates to less absenteeism; and a passion to learn and expand their careers.

Our Culture

Corporate Wellness

Group fitness classes, nutrition workshops, stress-talks and more. This is a one-stop shop to enhance and build out meaningful, long-term corporate wellness plans that really work!

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Virtual Breakroom

Our virtual programs teach employees about various wellness topics in efforts to help them to feel like the healthiest version of themselves.

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